800-944-0859 or 409-384-5444


All claim functions start and end at the DETSIF office in Jasper. Please originate all your claims activity with the Jasper office.

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New Claim Reporting and General Information

Employees should be directed to report all work related injuries the day of the injury to their supervisors.

We encourage all Employers to report new claims the same day, or  as soon as possible.  

Claims should be reported to your DETSIF Team AND your TRISTAR TEAM via fax or email.

Team Members: 


Lisa Folsom: lfolsom@detsif.com

Melissa Woods: mwoods@detsif.com

Supervisor: Karen.McClellan@Tristargroup.net

Adjuster: Erin.English@Tristargroup.net

Adjuster: Teri.Marshall@Tristargroup.net

Adjuster: Luz.Martin@Tristargroup.net

Claims Assistant: Jason.Cutler@Tristargroup.net

Fax: 214-492-5691

Billing information for medical providers: 


P.O. Box 2805

Clinton, IA 52733

Main Phone: 214-492-5600
Toll Free: 888-285-6708

FAX: 562-506-0360

Information to provide to your Pharmacy:



*Your name*

Provide your SS# or claim number to the pharmacist

RXBIN NDC 004261 or ENVOY 002538

Claim number will change for each original injury claim.

The pharmacy may contact the Optum Help Desk:


For a First Fill 10-day supply of medicine


After the worker’s compensation claim is filed, OPTUM will send a Pharmacy ID card to the injured worker on any accepted claim to ensure no out of pocket expense should you need more than the initial 10 day supply of medications.

TRISTAR Risk Management

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 2805
Clinton, IA  52733-2805

Main Phone #: 214-492-5600
Toll Free: 888-285-6708


Erin English, ext. # 2856 – erin.english@tristargroup.net

Luz Martin, ext. # 2818 – luz.martin@tristargroup.net

Teri Marshall, ext. # 2812 – teri.marshall@tristargroup.net

Jason Cutler, ext. # 2839 – jason.cutler@tristargroup.net

Assistant Supervisor

Karen McClellan, ext. # 2823


Cell # 214- 729-0493

Branch Manager

Linda Evans, ext. # 2814


Contact Our Medical Review Provider:

Injury Management Organization
10235 West Little York Road
Suite 265
Houston, TX 77040
FAX 877-974-1539

DETSIF Leadership

Kirk A. Hensarling, Director

Contact Us

800-944-0859 or


P.O. Box 960
Jasper, TX 75951

Our Physical Address :
150 West Milam
Jasper, TX 75951

Safety Facts

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that driver distraction contributes to 25% of all police-reported traffic crashes.

Are your employees using cell phones while driving?

Should they be?

Helpful Info

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