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Formed in 1974, Deep East Texas Self Insurance Fund (DETSIF) was created by a core group of East Texas Governmental Entities to provide workers’ compensation coverage to their employees. DETSIF has performed just as planned by its founding members for nearly fifty years, while slowly expanding our membership to every corner of the state.

DETSIF is governed and controlled by its membership. Our Board meets monthly to assist management in the operation of the Fund. There is no commercial interest in the background and all assets are owned and controlled by the membership for the benefit of the members.

DETSIF is proud to have a competent, knowledgeable staff that is dedicated to providing quality, competitively priced insurance services to the Fund members. Four of our employees have over 55 years of combined governmental self insurance experience.

Workers’ Comp Factoids

In Texas, to be a governmental employee, you must be paid hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

An employer must report any changes in an injured worker’s pay or employment status with a the Supplemental Report of Injury (DWC-6), to the insurance carrier and the injured worker within:

  • ten (10) days from the end of a pay period in which an injured worker’s pay changes; and
  • ten (10) days from the date an injured worker resigns or is terminated; and
  • three (3) days from the date an injured worker returns to work; and
  • three (3) days from the date an injury causes an employee to miss additional work after returning to work.

Under Texas Comp. there are four types of income benefits:

  • temporary income benefits (TIBs);
  • impairment income benefits (IIBs)
  • supplemental income benefits (SIBs); and
  • lifetime income benefits (LIBs).


The Deep East Texas Self Insurance Fund offers a competitive workers’ compensation solution to meet the needs of Texas political subdivisions, while promoting safety and training, attending to the needs of injured workers, and providing ease of access to all services.


We strive to serve our members by offering training and education to better protect employees from workplace injury and provide peace of mind when an incident does occur.


Service: The backbone of our organization is the ability to connect with our membership and understand why we were created to serve.
Safety: Our members have access to resources necessary to promote a culture that enhances a safe working environment, thus helping them lower losses.
Integrity: As a local government pool formed under Chapter 791 of the Texas Government Code, we rise to the ethical standards and act as good stewards of public funds and assets.
Expertise: As one of the oldest risk pools in the State of Texas we have the knowledge and experience to do things the right way.
Collaboration: Our team and service providers work efficiently together with a common goal in mind: serving our members and their employees.

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